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How to Do a Grammar Scavenger Hunt: A Fun ELA Review Activity

Stop! Put down that grammar worksheet. Now back away… slowly…

Whew. That was close!

Alright, so I’m not that against grammar worksheets. Actually, they’re the best way to practice brand new grammar concepts, and are definitely a streamlined way to review grammar. 

But what if there were a super fun way for your students to practice their grammar skills?

An activity that would have them up and moving, even outside, weather permitting…

I’m talking about grammar scavenger hunts!

The inspiration for a scavenger hunt review game struck me at the end of a long, difficult semester, and it started out as a half-baked idea that I (for some crazy reason) decided to test out on my wildest class. Turns out it was a little chaotic and I’m not sure we always knew what was going on. But my students were super into it, and working super hard.

So later on, when I was less exhausted, I re-thought the game and came up with a couple different ways to set up and play that cut down the chaos for both me and the kiddos.

And I can’t wait to share them with you. 

If you’re busy, but love the idea of a scavenger hunt for a grammar review, I do have a couple of seasonal grammar scavenger hunts ready to go for you. Be sure to check them out!

Grammar Scavenger Hunt Version 1

  1. Print out a series of numbered sentences and post them around the classroom or other space in a random order.
  2. Write a series of questions regarding the sentences, such as “what is the pronoun in sentence #3?”
  3. Create several versions of answer sheets for students, assigning a random set of question numbers they must answer. 
  4. Create an answer key for each version of the student answer sheet.
  5. To play the game, students move around the space searching for the sentences relevant to the questions they must answer, then recording their responses.

Grammar Scavenger Hunt Version 2

You get to pick back up that grammar worksheet for this one. You’ll want a longer worksheet with at least 30 items.

You could always use a packet or multiple worksheets, or just create your own content specifically for this game. I just used a long worksheet because it contained the content we needed to review that day.

  1. Make 2 copies of the worksheet, each copy on a different color of paper, then cut them up into sections (make sure each section has instructions and can stand alone).
  2. Place the worksheet section pieces around your game play area. This can be your classroom, the gym, lunchroom, soccer field, etc., depending on what works for you. I had a class of about 20 and a small soccer field so I taped the worksheet sections all over the bleachers.
  3. Divide students into 2 teams and assign a worksheet color and a team captain to each team. 
  4. At the start of the game, guarantee disqualification for anyone who steals worksheet pieces that do not belong to his team.
  5. Students simply move around the designated space, collecting and completing the worksheet pieces. 
  6. When a team thinks they’re done, provide the answer key to the team captain and have the team work together to check and correct their answers. The first team done correctly wins.

Need some fun, cheap prize ideas for the winners? Check out this post!

If you try out a grammar scavenger hunt in your classroom, I’d love to hear all about it! Send me a DM on Insta, or tag me in your post! @thelittlestteacher 


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