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Four [Legitimate] Ways to Get TPT Resources Without Paying Out of Pocket

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online open market for thousands of resources to support educators around the world. Whether you need classroom decor, a unique activity to support a lesson you crafted, emergency sub plans, or nearly anything else educational you can imagine, TPT is a lifesaver! But too many teachers find themselves spending their own money to acquire resources for their classroom. Here are four quick tips on how to add more helpful resources to your arsenal without pulling out your own credit card. 

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The Most Important Project I Ever Assigned

It was my last few weeks with my students. I knew I was leaving, but they didn't. I was excited to move on from the disaster that had been the past school year, and start over in a new season of life, but I was also heartbroken, knowing that I would never have the opportunity… Continue reading The Most Important Project I Ever Assigned