About Me

southern petite homemaker book-lover wife

Hey there! I’m Molly. I’m a sorta newly-wed, twenty-something, southern, Christian, book-lover, grammar nerd, petite, wanna-be homemaker who’s perpetually too busy, but on a quest to change my lifestyle. This blog is all about my journey to escape the “too busy, too stressed” cycle and live simply. I hope you’ll join me, and together we’ll gain insight and encouragement to better care for our homes and ourselves.

True home-making looks different for everyone: maybe you’re single and seeking to make a tiny apartment feel like home; maybe you’re a career woman who’s always on-the-go and left feeling neglectful of your home; maybe you’re a homeschool mom needing some validation that all your hard work is really worth it; maybe you’re a new wife trying to gather all the wisdom you can about how to best serve your husband; maybe… you’re none of these things, but you have something deep inside you that longs to create a sanctuary. This blog is for you.