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Creating a Magical and Whimsical Fantasy-Themed Classroom

Transforming your classroom into a fantasy-themed space can be an exciting way to spark the imagination and create a magical atmosphere for your students. A fantasy-themed classroom offers a unique and playful environment that encourages creativity, engagement, and a sense of wonder.

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Enchanted Nature

To create an immersive fantasy-themed classroom, focus on creating an ambiance that transports students to a magical realm. Start by incorporating elements of nature and greenery throughout the room. You can staple faux greenery to bulletin boards or use it to frame windows and whiteboards, creating an enchanted forest vibe. 

Additionally, gather clean branches and place them in vases to bring a whimsical feel to the space.

Consider placing live potted plants on windowsills, shelves, or designated plant stands. Not only do they add a natural touch, but they also improve air quality and create a calming atmosphere. Some hardy plants that do well in low lighting and with little maintenance are snake plants and pothos plants.

This is my golden pothos that I’ve had going on four years now, and trust me, it’s been abused. (Also featured in this photo is the classroom library management kit in the steampunk theme. Check it out here.)

If you’re really feeling crafty, create small terrariums or miniature gardens for focal points in your classroom. Use glass containers, jars, or clear plastic boxes and fill them with moss, small rocks, and miniature figurines. These can represent magical landscapes or scenes from fantasy stories. Terrariums can be displayed on shelves, your desk, or as centerpieces on tables, providing a captivating visual element.

I’m totally inspired by this gorgeous (and easy) terrarium by Elisa McLaughlin.

Magical Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a magical classroom ambiance. If your school’s fire code allows, hang string lights along the walls, around windows, or drape them across bookshelves. If plug-in string lights are not permitted, check to see if battery-operated ones are. Even a string of miniature twinkle lights tangled in a jar or lantern can add an enchanted touch.

For a magical old-world feel, another cozy ambience option is LED candles. Place them in jars or lanterns, or atop stacks of old books. There are lots of options for sets of realistic-looking LED candles that come with a remote control to make turning them on and off hassle-free. 

If you’re able to find old porch light fixtures second-hand, they often make great decorative “lanterns” after the bulb and wiring are removed.

If you’re wanting to soften the harsh fluorescent lighting in your room, how magical are these forest print light covers?

Themed Decor and Props

To further immerse your students in the fantasy theme, decorate the classroom with themed props and decorations such as old books, clip art of fantastical creatures, and mystical artifacts.

Spray paint is your BFF here: browse garage sales or thrift stores for items, bottles, or figurines with an interesting shape, and then blast them with a couple of coats of spray paint to make them fit your decor. You can find spray paint that will create specialty finishes like stone, precious metals, sea glass, and more. 

For the decor, I’ve got you! This printable fantasy classroom decor is so easy to customize and add lots of ambience and visual interest quickly.

A paper mache tree like this one that Jules Madden created would be fabulous!

Whimsical Textiles 

Use colorful fabrics, rugs, or tapestries (as fire code allows) to create cozy reading corners, soften harsh lighting, or brighten dull, blank spaces. 

Check thrift stores for large scarves with interesting patterns or textures to hang as wall tapestries, drape as a tablecloth, or possibly suspend from a corner of a ceiling to create a magical tent-like feel.

You can add dimension to any bulletin board or wall with a fabric banner. Here’s a tutorial for an easy one I made.

Creating a fantasy-themed classroom allows you to ignite your students’ imaginations and make learning an exciting adventure. By incorporating elements of intrigue, nature, and whimsy, you can transform your classroom into an enchanting space that nurtures creativity and engagement.

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